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The APTRA Board of Directors voted that the membership dues structure should change.  They have agreed that invoices will be sent out before January 1, 2025, giving members the option to pay immediately or defer payment until July 1. Legacy memberships will only begin on January 1. This change aims to simplify our dues process and accounting procedures. We hope you understand and are sorry for any inconvenience.
APTRA Board of Directors
Use our online service to become a member.
Whether you are renewing your membership or joining us for the first time, we listened to our members and provide the convenience of online payments.

Simply click on the join now link, based on number of trucks that you have in your fleet to pay your dues.
Once your submission is processed you will receive a certificate of membership, a welcome letter and an APTRA Logo sticker to proudly display.

Please read the statement below and if you agree, please proceed to payment.
I understand that this application is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the association; and, if not accepted, my payment will be refunded in full. Until such time, I shall be designated as a member-applicant. If elected to membership, I pledge to conform to the Articles, Bylaws, and Code of Conduct of the Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association.

Annual Associate Membership Dues Join Now /or Renew
Bronze - $350.00
Website listing, Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events, Newsletter exposure, invitation to all annual events.
Silver - $595.00
Enhanced with all the above benefits and with Banner Website Advertising.
Gold - $745.00
Direct Exposure includes each benefit listed AND an Annual Presentation to the membership at one of our meetings during the year.
Annual Membership Dues / Membership Class (Select one)
Join Now /or Renew
1 Tow Truck - $295.00
2 to 5 Tow Trucks - $495.00
6 to15 Tow Trucks - $995.00
16 + Tow Trucks - $1,495.00
Tow Team Member - $50.00
Legacy Member - $3,995.00 (Not for Associate Members)

Legacy Membership Includes:

  • Foursome at Move Over Madness Golf Tournament
  • Eight tickets to Annual Awards Banquet
  • Sponsor sign at Move Over Madness Golf Tournament
  • Move Over Madness Memorabilia
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Company Logo on the website with direct link to your website
  • Five entries in Move Over Day Parade
  • Company Logo on a banner at National Move Over Day

(If one of these does not happen for some reason, an item of the same value will take its place)

Prefer to mail in your Membership Application?
Click your preferred link and download the .pdf. Once downloaed, print, fill in and mail with your payment.
Regular Membership and Associate Members - Tow Team Member

Benefits of Association Membership

  • Legislative advocacy at both local and state government levels, intended to protect and promote the towing industry. Although not necessarily a tangible benefit, this may be the most important benefit to members.
  • Member education and driver training. Education topics to include safety, equipment, management, regulations, pending and current legislation and industry practices.
  • Strengthening of working relationships with the Department of Public Safety, Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Division to ensure the safe and efficient clearance of the state’s transportation system.
  • Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events.
  • Weekly email blasts.
  • Membership decals, certificates/plaques and patches to display affiliation with professional organization.
  • Listing in website membership directory.
  • Programs that benefit our members.

Consider becoming an Associate Member

  • 3 Levels of Associate Membership - Bronze, Silver, or Gold
  • Website Listing
  • Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events.
  • Newsletters Exposure.
  • SILVER level includes the above with Banner Website Advertising.
  • GOLD Level includes all this plus a scheduled 15 minute direct presentation to members at one of our meetings.
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