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2017 Legislation


DPS Information

Implementation of House Bill 2429 with respect to DPS Contracting.
This bill goes into effect July 24, 2014.
The full bill can be found at this link.

All current DPS contracts will be replaced as a result of House Bill 2429. To participate in the new round of contracts you must be registered with ProcureAZ.gov.lick here to register.
Click here for AZ Highway Patrol District contact info.

NMVTIS Reporting


Out of Service Criteria

View current DPS Out of Service Criteria

DPS Towing Regulations

DPS Tow Truck Regulations

List of Tow Trucks Changing Class

List of tow trucks that will change classification.

Updates from Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

The following updates are effective immediately:

Electronic Lien and Title (ELT)

Basic Title Information

Lien-Free Title

Governing Authority Permission

Important contact numbers for towing businesses in Arizona

Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Click here for AZ Highway Patrol District contact info

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau
DPS Tow Truck Regulations
Tow Truck Inspection Application
Tow Truck Company Registration Application

Department of Financial Institutions

602-771-2800 / 1-800-544-0708

Arizona Commerce Authority

Arizona Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division

Commercial Driver License http://www.azdot.gov/mvd/cdlinfo.asp
Phoenix 602-255-0072
Tucson 520-629-9808
AZ Toll Free 800-251-5866

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona Department Revenue


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  If a driver of a CMV, classified heavy tow truck has been called via a hand held mobile telephone by law enforcement officials to assist in an emergency situation, does the driver of the CMV get the exception under392.82(C)? 

Answer:  Yes, the driver would fall under the exception and would be able to communicate with law enforcement officials and other emergency services at the time of the call, and during the emergency situation. This would include hand-held mobile telephone communication with law enforcement officials, other emergency services as well as the drivers home terminal and members of his/her company. However; it needs to be clear, the use of the hand-held mobile telephone is authorized provided the use is strictly in conjunction with the emergency. That being said any situation or complaint involving the use of hand-held mobile telephones by your drivers or any driver of a CMV, the Heavy Tow Truck Company would be investigated to confirm the use was in conjunction with the emergency police situation.

Question: Is a commercial driver’s license (CDL) required for all tow truck drivers?
Answer: No

Question: Does my towing business pay transaction privilege tax?
Answer: No, "services" are not taxable.