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The Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association (APTRA) was founded in February 1982, it is the 501 C (6)trade association representing its members before the state legislature, regulatory agencies and the National Towing Association.

APTRA is composed of towing company’s around the state, and is governed by it elected board of directors. Associate members, representing suppliers to the towing industry, also have representation within the organization.
Through Essentiality, Safety and Awareness and Advocacy, APTRA can be the voice for towers in Arizona.


  • APTRA advocates the essentiality of the towing industry in the state of Arizona. With Incident management and quick clearance at the top of the priority list for the Federal Government and local regulatory agencies, APTRA has a place at the table in the TIM Coalition Committee with other stakeholders from around the state.

Safety and Awareness

  • APTRA has successfully raised awareness for the dangers facing our tow operators on a daily basis with our annual Move Over Awareness Day Parade.


  • APTRA advocates for assuring that the towing industry’s perspective is incorporated into pending legislation
    in Arizona.

Strategic Plan:

APTRA has an instituted a four- step plan to meet its goals above.

  • Encourage the towing industry to prioritize safety

  • Branding APTRA as the authoritative voice for the Arizona industry

  • Providing solid leadership in the industry

  • Maximizing human and financial resources to achieve our purpose

APTRA has worked very hard over the years in many areas, here is a list of just a few:

  • APTRA has worked on opening the communication lines between DPS and APTRA. This has allowed APTRA to review the cost increases facing our industry and future negotiations on rates, traffic incident management implementations for our industry, and provided financial assistance in the form of a donation to the Arizona Auto Theft Task Force RATTLERS program for supporting their stolen vehicle recovery division. As DPS transitions to outsourcing all procurement activities to AZDOA, we will continue to meet regularly with top leadership at AZDOA to ensure fair and equitable agreements between APTRA members and DPS for Police Towing on our State Highways.

  • For the last few years, we have held four meetings across the state to seek input and share ideas with our members. Our board of directors meets (4) times a year to focus directly on achieving our goals, and working together to move the statewide industry association forward.

  • APTRA is working hard to put ourselves on the map nationally to gain exposure and to get national strength through our hiring of the previous Executive Director of the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in Chattanooga TN, Angela Roper.  She has held office in other associations in Texas as well as the National Towing Association (TRAA). She strives to create purchasing programs and training opportunities for our members.

  • We have a director system to get leadership spread across the state and into the local communities that our members are in and create a voice for APTRA and share ideas and strategies statewide through more communication with our members and our board.

  • Discount programs for all members, including towing accessories truck equipment sales, towing software, online auction sales, medical insurance, workers compensation, tow truck insurance, environmental services, fuel program, a printing coop, Zero Fee Credit Card processing, several finance companies, and the list goes on.

We will continue to work to bring value to your membership! Join us today